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“DRIVING ROCK FOR THE ROCK DRIVER” - Partial transcript from the radio show: “Centre Street” Podcast on SRNOne – by: Phillip Hong
“It's a driving passionate rock that'll leave you with a head full of emotions. A group touts itself with critics who agree as a reincarnation of the days where riffing rock was king, and punk wasn't as manufactured as it is now. Phillip Hong recently caught up with Mark Regula, the lead singer of this great group. And given the history these guys went through, this is no manufactured rock. The passionate music comes from passion itself lived through the eyes of Ivory Tower Project…”

To listen to the entire Podcast: please visit the Interviews page and click on the hyperlink number 2.

Buy Red Hot at CDBaby

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ELO Beatles Forever [ELOBF] 
Written by: Keith J. Sinclair

“ELOBF recommends and endorses the: 'Ivory Tower Project' to all music fans who enjoy the music of: ELOThe MoveThe Beatles and related artistes out there in the ELOBF universe!”

Read the entire Review:

The Entertainment Bank
Written by: Paul Anderson

“The hit record that should have been”… "There is no set in stone formula that ITP follows; they make use of the wide range of colors and styles to create songs that embody the best elements of the the 70s and 80s, and they do it very well.”

Read the entire review:  

Indie Music DigestIndie Music Digest
Written by: Cyrus Rhodes

“a rare find”…. “as the CD progressed, I actually became more & more impressed with it”…”a blast from the 80’s”

Boom Boom Chick

(Ivory Tower Project) “make “Classic Pop/Rock inspired by the great artists of the 70s and 80s.” Immediately I thought of the greats like Chicago, Journey, Foreigner etc, and couldn’t help but check out their sound. I wasn’t disappointed.”

The Ripple effectThe Ripple Effect

“Listening to this album immediately brings to mind such classic melodic rock bands as Journey, gobs of Survivor, and yes, even a little bit of Axe. If the mention of those bands gets your salivary glands to start working then read on, because what Ivory Tower Project does with their influences places this disc handsomely right next door.”

Quirky NY ChickQuirky NY Chick: The InBox Vol. 1

“If you like your rock with a strong dose of the whole 80's vibe, check them out.”

Mossip – Your Guide To Everything Music
Written by: Elfslut

 Listening to Ivory Tower Project is like taking a trip back to the 80s. Every song on Red Hot is destined to make those who grew up in the 80s have Deja Vu. Mark Regula has a voice that will stand up with the best of them and he proves that consistently throughout the disc. If you are a fan of old school 80s rock, this will fit well into your collection…

Read the entire review here:

Metal To Infinity Metal to Infinity - Belgium
Written by: Stefan

ITP is a very well talented outfit that keeps the flame of late seventies / early eighties Rock alive and kicking, above all they bring on some variation blend it all with slices of Pop Rock or AOR.

Read the entire review here:

 Bull Frog Music Reviews - Canada
Written by: Jeremiah Sutherland

“Good, unadulterated rock with a hint of nostalgia. Add to your collection.”

Indie-Music.comIvory Tower Project - RED HOT
Published on [USA]
Written By: J. Turner

Holy Cabbage Patch Kids and Marty McFly, the new album from Ivory Tower Project is a top-notch record. Red Hot is a totally rad, 10-song release that combines elements of classic rock and 80s pop to capture the music of an unforgettable decade that also brought us mullets and Madonna.

Although Red Hot was released last October, the album has been in the making for more than 15 years. It features a timeless sound that apparently hasn’t been tinkered with in almost as long, single-handedly proving that if you wait long enough, things that go out of style will eventually come back again. This album is retro but relevant and has an overall consistency that fans of any age will appreciate and enjoy.

In case you weren’t sure what sound Ivory Tower Project was going for on this record, they brought in several iconic 80s musicians including Ivan Elias, formerly of Patty Smyth and Scandal, and Richie Cannata, who toured with The Piano Man himself, to do some of the studio work.

And much like the recording sessions, Regula’s songwriting has been heavily influenced by prominent players from the Dundee decade. From Journey and Genesis, to Foreigner and Kansas, the songs on this album, both lyrically and sonically, would fit well among any of that era’s top 40 hits, like a color-coded square on a Rubik’s Cube.

There’s no such thing as too much synth on Red Hot, so haters beware, but I think they’re hot. I also love the face-melting guitar solo around 2:30 on "Burning," the vibes on "Gotcha," the one-part-Prince, two-parts Duran Duran track, "Dreamer," and "Way Too Late," the natural successor to Survivor’s "Eye of the Tiger."

Listening to Red Hot reminds me of everything good about the decade in which I was born, and is even more fun than playing Mario Bros. on your Nintendo, while wearing a Members Only jacket and waiting for your Chia Pet to grow.

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Published on: Harrisburg Online - [USA]
By: Crazy John

“Red Hot” a 4 track EP of Melodic New Classic Rock from Independent recording artists Ivory Tower Project. Ivory Tower Project is a new breed of 'old school' rockers that take you down memory lane back to the glory days of 80's style Classic Rock. Their sound reminds you of the music of bands like Asia, Genesis and Survivor. Red Hot, single handedly seeks to revive the pop/rock supergroup sound with a nostalgia that fans of the 80’s will love. Simply this is great New Music for those who love the sound of Classic Rock.

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Published on: Jezaland - [USA]
By: Jeza

Ivory Tower Project have a BIG sound. Listening to this music will conjure up memories of some of the mainstream pop/rock classic acts like Yes, Queen, SuperTramp, Rush, etc. If you like your rock music to be dramatic and well produced check out this act!

Rock ItIvory Tower Project - Red Hot
Published on: Rock It! The AOR * Hard Rock * Metal Magazine [Germany]
By: Birgitt Schwanke

Band: Ivory Tower Project
Album: Red Hot
Playtime: 12:55
Record Label: Guerrilla Records
Equivalent Artists: Arc Angel, Cannata, Foreigner, Journey, Queen
Rating: Thumbs up - Highly Recommended

Great! How long has it been since I heard a new, perfectly produced High Tech-AOR CD? It seems an eternity. The Ivory Tower Project, in any case, has a great 4 track EP at the beginning that could bring tears of happiness to the eyes of the fans of the Cannata Band and the Munich City Nights-Series. The sounds emanate with a rich sound from the speakers, whereby the keyboard continually stands in the foreground leading the melody. The supple voice of Keyboarder/Vocalist Mark Regula reminds one of Jeff Cannata and belongs to the best new voices that I heard in the last few months. All songs are satisfying… It's a shame actually that hardly anybody concerns themselves with bands of this style direction, especially since the material is pleasing to the masses. Do yourself a favor and forget that this is only an EP, because in the field of High Tech-AOR, the Ivory Tower Project is the best product in years.

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Quote from: Awesome Radio - [Australia]
By: Sunni – DJ/Owner

I love the music of Ivory Tower Project and so do a lot of others! “Burning” is fabulous…

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Published on: Hit Session (E-zine) - [USA]
By: Caitlin the Indie Girl

New York's Ivory Tower Project are a group of talented artists who crank out arena-style rock. Just listen to "My Name" and you'll have no difficulty visualizing an arena packed with adoring fans.

Strutter MagazineIvory Tower Project - Red Hot
Published on: Strutter Magazine [The Netherlands]
By: Gabor Kleinbloesem

When listening to the songs on the CD ‘Red Hot’ of the New York based IVORY TOWER PROJECT it’s like we stepped into a time machine and set the year at 1982 destination U.S.A. This is more the real deal as Red Hot’ is a full-length CD that is more or less a must for fans of 80s AOR/Poprock the North American way!

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Published on: MP3's Top Dozen - [USA]
By: Queenies Club Knowledge

Song: “My Name” – Artist: Ivory Tower Project – Style: Progressive Rock - So I'm not the only one who has American and British progressive music of the 1970's cemented in my brain as the gold standard by which to measure all popular music. "My Name" is that era, Hammond B-3 organs, complex electric guitar work, Queen-like harmonies, and all. This sounds like the stuff you used to hear on the radio, before the radio was taken over by twits like Britney Spears and post-Genesis Phil Collins. Done in a minor modal medium tempo rock mood, “My Name” with its meandering but cohesive progressive rock form will bring you back to a better time for music and recording artists. Its rock but it is not harsh, the tune is melodic and the song is described as “an anthem for everyone who has had to fight to reach their goals.”

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Quote from: WSVN 89.1 FM & Internet Radio - [USA]
By: Eric - DJ

Ivory Tower Project is timeless classic rock! They remind me of Foreigner, INXS, Styx and similar classic rockers. We will be featuring the I.T.P.'s song; "Burning" on our upcoming compilation CD: WSVN Radio Hall of Fame, Volume 6…

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Quote from: STAR SUL 102.9 FM & Internet Radio - [Sao Paulo, Brazil]
By: Silvio Novelletto Jr. - DJ

I'd like to say that people got impressed, and I must include myself with the quality of your band and we received several phone calls asking about ITP. Your music reminds me of the great classic rock acts like Asia, Genesis, and Queen. Red Hot charted # 8 this week on Radio Star, and I.T.P. is now included in my 'Hall of Best Listening' of the year! Best regards from your new Brazilian fan…

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Quote from: Radio Hoogeveen 106.8 FM - [The Netherlands]
By: BJ Heringa - DJ

The Radio Hoogeveen audience loves Ivory Tower Project! We got so many calls that we selected them as 'Play of the Week,' so ITP's song "Burning" was played every hour, every day of the week. The funky beat and great melody reminds me of Robert Palmer and the Power Station…

Ivory Tower Project
Publication: BandsBackStage NewsLetter [USA]
By: Lyric

Indie rock band The Ivory Tower Project AKA I.T.P. may not sound familiar to a lot of music fans but just turn to any local college station throughout the country and you will hear one or more tracks from the groups breakthrough EP "Red Hot."

Though I.T.P.s music isn't for everybody, fans of artists like Foreigner, Everclear, Styx, Arc Angel, Genesis & SuperTramp will no doubt request to hear them again and again. I.T.P.s first single "My Name" is an in-your-face rocker with a big sound, featuring heavy guitars, screaming synthesizers and explosive drumming. The second track "Burning" has a seductive vibe that builds up to a climatic hook (ALA David Bowie - Let's Dance era), infectious from start to finish. Followed by "Gotcha", a dance rock song with all the bells & whistles (reminiscent of Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller). And finishes with "Way Too Late", chugging along like a freight train out of control.

The songs are well written and performed. The recordings are clean and the production is nothing short of classy. "Red Hot" is simply following in the footsteps of legendary recording artists who came before them. Carrying on the tradition of releasing high quality original rock music that stand the test of time.

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Quote from: Bermuda-Funk Radio 89.6 Manheim + 105.4 Heidelberg [Germany]
By: George Lögler - DJ/Host: "Rock of Ages" Radio Show

Great AOR! I wish more bands would do this kind of music - reminds me of BYSTANDER or AVIATOR and they're one of my fave AOR bands!!!

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Published on: Metal Express [Norway]
By: Stig

"Burning" has a funky vibe to it, a great bass line and very strong vocals. Regula's voice fits perfectly here and the song is very catchy. Here they write a great chorus. Good stuff. When the last song "Way Too Late" starts you'd almost swear they had guest vocals by Eddie Money. This song chugs and the production actually sounds better than the other songs. It rocks!

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Quote by: "LRS Show" Ems-Vechte-Welle [Lingen, Germany]
By: Lutz Schneider

The Ivory Tower Project makes you walk down memory lane and leads you back to the glory days of 80's AOR and melodic rock. People who prefer to listen to the unforgettable music of bands like Asia or Survivor might face a time warp which make them wish for more of that stuff to come. I.T.P. joins the good tradition of using synthesizers, keyboards, saxophone and guitars in a way that caresses your soul. Just put on this CD for a long car ride and enjoy the relaxing and magical atmosphere which was created by that perfect combination of all these instruments and the distinguished voice of Mark Regula.

Ivory Tower Project – RED HOT
Published on: CrossOver-Netzwerk für Jugendkultur [ Germany ]
By: Georg Lögler

Read the interview here (it’s written in German):

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Interview with Mark Regula on Live From Center StageInterview with Mark Regula on the show: "Live From Center Stage"
with Dennis 'Songsmith' Holseybrook on

Interview with Mark Regula on The Josie Show: September 30, 2011

Listen to internet radio with The Josie Show on Blog Talk Radio


ITP on WLSO.fmWLSO.FM - South Carolina:

In this short fact filled interview hear Uncleshag and Mark Regula discuss Ivory Tower Project- the bands formation, song writing process and we share a few laughs... Note: To hear interview press the Green button on the botom of the page.


Listen Live - blogtalkradioInterview with Mark Regula on Blog Talk Radio - Chicago:


Below are text interviews with the members of ITP.

A. Mark Regula Interview - "Celebrating Independent Artists" [Click to read]

B. Tony Novarro"The City Never Sleeps And Neither Does This Musician" [Click to read]

  • Published on: Long Island Entertainment News [USA]
  • By: John Blenn

C. Johnny Jace Interview [Click to read]

  • Published in: Space Junkies Magazine [Canada]
  • By: Wednesday Elektra

D. Mark Regula Interview [Click to read]

  • Published in: Space Junkies Magazine's 3-year Anniversary issue [Canada]
  • By: Wednesday Elektra

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Internet Stations Playing ITP:

Tracks from Ivory Tower Project’s CD: “Red Hot” have been played on over 425 Radio Stations in 28 countries. Below are listed Internet Radio Stations that are currently playing one or more tracks from ITP. Many of these stations take E-mail or Online requests via an automated song request system called: Audiorealm. We invite you to please visit the below Internet Radio stations; take a listen, and put in a request, send an email request, or a vote for an ITP song.

NOTE: Most of these Audiorealm request systems have "curbs" that block multiple requests of any one artist's songs from the same IP address within a 24 hour period. So if you wish to make more than one ITP song request from a given radio station, you may have to wait 24 hours before going to that same radio station and making another ITP song request. We thank you for your support!

Awesome Radio
Awesome Radio [Australia]


Best Unheard Music Radio
Best Unheard Music Radio

Bmac's Middletown StationBmac's Middletown Station - Sundays: 3:00-5:30 PM ET - broadcasting from Europe

Butterflies RadioButterflies Radio - All Indie, All the Time - Internet indie radio station streaming music from independent, emerging musicians and bands.

Hamilton Radio Hamilton Radio

Home Grown Radio Blairstown , New Jersey - “Sher Delight” – (Tuesdays: 12:00 noon – 3:00 Pm ET)

HotMix106Hot Mix 106 – Sacramento , CA

Indie Guild Indie Guild



Music To Go (Neon Productions Radio)

Q Star RAdio Q Star Radio -  “The Steve Jarrot Morning Show” on Q Star Radio – (Weekdays: 9:00 am to 12:00 noon ET)

Radio Positive Energie "Music Unites" with DJ Fee  (Tuesdays 2:00 - 4:00 pm ET)  on Radio Positive Energie [Germany] 

Radio Wellenflug Radio Wellenflug [Germany] 

Scrub Johanson Radio

The Shop
The Shop


Space Coast RadioSpace Coast iRadio  


TRM RadioTRM Radio - The Station that plays something old, something new, and everything in between. Broadcasting from the UK .


Wolfman RadioWolfman Radio – Broadcasting from the UK .

Woody Radio Woody Radio - “Lost Marbles Show” (Wednesdays: 9:00 – 11:00pm ET)


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