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ELO Beatles Forever [ELOBF] 
Written by: Keith J. Sinclair

“ELOBF recommends and endorses the: 'Ivory Tower Project' to all music fans who enjoy the music of: ELOThe MoveThe Beatles and related artistes out there in the ELOBF universe!”

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The Entertainment Bank
Written by: Paul Anderson

“The hit record that should have been”… "There is no set in stone formula that ITP follows; they make use of the wide range of colors and styles to create songs that embody the best elements of the the 70s and 80s, and they do it very well.”

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Indie Music DigestIndie Music Digest
Written by: Cyrus Rhodes

“a rare find”…. “as the CD progressed, I actually became more & more impressed with it”…”a blast from the 80’s”

Boom Boom Chick

(Ivory Tower Project) “make “Classic Pop/Rock inspired by the great artists of the 70s and 80s.” Immediately I thought of the greats like Chicago, Journey, Foreigner etc, and couldn’t help but check out their sound. I wasn’t disappointed.”

The Ripple effectThe Ripple Effect

“Listening to this album immediately brings to mind such classic melodic rock bands as Journey, gobs of Survivor, and yes, even a little bit of Axe. If the mention of those bands gets your salivary glands to start working then read on, because what Ivory Tower Project does with their influences places this disc handsomely right next door.”

Quirky NY ChickQuirky NY Chick: The InBox Vol. 1

“If you like your rock with a strong dose of the whole 80's vibe, check them out.”

Mossip – Your Guide To Everything Music
Written by: Elfslut

 Listening to Ivory Tower Project is like taking a trip back to the 80s. Every song on Red Hot is destined to make those who grew up in the 80s have Deja Vu. Mark Regula has a voice that will stand up with the best of them and he proves that consistently throughout the disc. If you are a fan of old school 80s rock, this will fit well into your collection…

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Indie-Music.comIvory Tower Project - RED HOT
Published on [USA]
Written By: J. Turner

Holy Cabbage Patch Kids and Marty McFly, the new album from Ivory Tower Project is a top-notch record. Red Hot is a totally rad, 10-song release that combines elements of classic rock and 80s pop to capture the music of an unforgettable decade that also brought us mullets and Madonna.

Although Red Hot was released last October, the album has been in the making for more than 15 years. It features a timeless sound that apparently hasn’t been tinkered with in almost as long, single-handedly proving that if you wait long enough, things that go out of style will eventually come back again. This album is retro but relevant and has an overall consistency that fans of any age will appreciate and enjoy.

In case you weren’t sure what sound Ivory Tower Project was going for on this record, they brought in several iconic 80s musicians including Ivan Elias, formerly of Patty Smyth and Scandal, and Richie Cannata, who toured with The Piano Man himself, to do some of the studio work.

And much like the recording sessions, Regula’s songwriting has been heavily influenced by prominent players from the Dundee decade. From Journey and Genesis, to Foreigner and Kansas, the songs on this album, both lyrically and sonically, would fit well among any of that era’s top 40 hits, like a color-coded square on a Rubik’s Cube.

There’s no such thing as too much synth on Red Hot, so haters beware, but I think they’re hot. I also love the face-melting guitar solo around 2:30 on "Burning," the vibes on "Gotcha," the one-part-Prince, two-parts Duran Duran track, "Dreamer," and "Way Too Late," the natural successor to Survivor’s "Eye of the Tiger."

Listening to Red Hot reminds me of everything good about the decade in which I was born, and is even more fun than playing Mario Bros. on your Nintendo, while wearing a Members Only jacket and waiting for your Chia Pet to grow.

Ivory Tower Project – RED HOT
Published on: CrossOver-Netzwerk für Jugendkultur [ Germany ]
By: Georg Lögler

Read the interview here (it’s written in German):


Interview with Mark Regula on The Josie Show: September 30, 2011

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